Jul 21 2008

C++ Software Engineer: Are They Still Relevant?

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Software engineering has brought humanity closer to the moon and taken it deeper into the earth. Along with all these miracles, software engineering has created many job opportunities. For a software engineer, the most important is which language he or she would like to learn in. just like how there are various speaking languages, there are various programming languages, which are used for several and certain purposes. C++ is a general purpose language. It is regarded as a middle level language. The language comprises of high level as well as low level language features.

C++ can and is used for several purposes in the computer world. Though there are many other languages today that are preferred over C++, there are some aspects of software programming that cannot be done without C++.

There are several educational institutions, colleges, and universities that offer C++ courses. These courses can either be a degree course of a diploma course. Some companies to prefer degree course holders over diploma course holders, but with the advent of globalization and the process of outsourcing, this does not post much of a problem.

A C++ software engineer is one of the most sought after software engineers. They also have a considerable salary in the company. Actually speaking, the software engineer is the heart of the company in which he or she works, therefore, the software engineer will always get the most of the benefits and advantages of working with the company. Of course, the benefits also depend on the company in which they work.

There are several ways in which you can be employed as a C++ software employer. Firstly, you can look through the classifieds in the newspapers, which will give you information about all the local jobs available for C++ software engineers. You can also tell some of your friends to inform you about any job openings for C++ software engineers.

Other than that, you can also search for jobs in C++ over the Internet. Every major web portal has a job portal today. All you need to do is to make your profile and upload it. You will immediately get results and not to mention phone calls.

Being a C++ software developer, if you play your cards right, you can actually select as to which company you wish to join. Make sure that you join the best company, in which you are comfortable to work with.

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Jul 21 2008

Software Test Engineer: Risk Takers

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Software engineering is said to be one of the most lucrative professions in the world today. With the advent of globalization and the drastic leaps and information technology, the world has become a small village, and more importantly, it has become an even field for everyone to get the right kinds of jobs that suit them, disregarding the person’s nationality.
Software engineering is an entire industry in itself, and it has sprouted quite some supporting industries, therefore creating more job opportunities than ever before. Software testing is just one of the supporting professions and industries in the software engineer profession.
Being a software test engineer basically means testing any software for bugs and any other problems. A software test engineer should not be confused with a quality check for software. Basically, software testing means testing the software to ensure that it satisfies all the requirements of the software and detects errors. The one main difference between software testing and checking the quality of the software is that a quality checker may and can give suggestions to enhance the product, while that is not in the responsibility matrix of a software tester. Being a software test engineer is considered a beginner’s post, wherein the person gains the necessary experience and education to evolve into a software engineer, a software architect, or a quality control manager for software. The salary of a software test engineer is quite less as compared to the much-talked-about salaries of a common software engineer.
There are several software test engineer courses available today. They can be either long term or a short, crash course. Software engineering is also one of the few industries that churn out software at a dizzying speed, and this has given a rise in the employment in the software test engineer industry. However, the salaries of a software test engineer are quite less as compared to other software engineers, so you should only consider a software test engineer job as the stepping stone into the software profession and software development market.
There are several educational institutions and colleges that offer software courses, like software test engineer courses. You can pursue either the diploma course or a degree course for the same. The Internet is the best place to find information about software test engineer courses. Make sure that you do your proper research and read their brochures carefully before opting for a software test engineer course.

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Jul 21 2008

Software Engineers: The Architects of Tomorrow?

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Ask people who runs this world and two out of ten would say ‘Software Engineer’s and eight would think it’s God, the difference being that the two people would be very sure that the world is run by Software  Engineers while the other eight would only think that the world is run by God. To be very frank, the profession and business of software has progressed rapidly since the past few years, and so has the profession of software engineering. In fact, software engineering has today found a place amongst the other top professions of recent times, like doctors and engineers.
The profession of software engineering too has seen a drastic change and enhancement since the past few years. Gone are the days when banks and other financial institutions would club people working for the media and software engineers in the same bracket and not grant loans to them. Today, software engineers are a prized possession, for the companies as well as anyone having to do anything with the economy for their own progress and financial gain.
In addition, being a software engineer is no longer considered to be a risk too. The software market saw one of its greatest heydays during the dotcom boom in the mid nineties, and it also saw its darkest period during the dotcom bust. Of course, September 9/11 was just the final, crippling move to an already dying market and profession. However, with the advent and enhancement of e-commerce, software engineers are once again the superheroes of tomorrow, coding our future for us, right here, right now. Therefore, it can be safely said that the being software engineers is one of the most lucrative professions today. After all, Bill Gates was a software engineer, you see.
There are several, simple and complex ways of being software engineer. Like every educational degree, there are two ways in which you can pursue a degree in software, either a degree course or a diploma course. A degree course has you attend a set number of lectures, and consists of theory as well as practical, whereas a diploma course is basically a study-at-home course, where you attend only the practicals.
You can always decide which type of education is good for you. With the massive opening of the job market, it makes little difference whether you hold a diploma in software engineering or a degree in software engineering. However, some companies may give a first preference to the people who hold a degree in software engineering

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Jul 21 2008

Software Engineer Salary: The Truth behind the Hype

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Software engineers are randomly termed as being many things, from being grossly overpaid, to being the architects of tomorrow and finally, to be people who have sold their souls for money. However, it cannot be denied that software engineering is one of the most lucrative jobs today, as they are placed right along with the other professions of life saving and life enhancing, like doctors and engineers.  In addition, a software engineer salary is quite high if you consider the salary of another individual with the same experience and work-talent in another industry.
However, it has to said that not every software engineer salary is as high as the highly hyped salaries that we hear all over the day, because though software engineering is one of the most lucrative professions, it is still a profession, where there are various processes to be followed and aspects to be considered before deciding on the salary of an individual.
Software engineers have a learning curve, which is quite steep as compared to other professions and industries. Most software engineers start at a much lower salary than what we would expect for a software engineer, the typical, Sony Vaio bearing, iPod listening, computer, and internet geek. Why, their starting salaries as an apprentice may be even lesser than a store keeper! Because the software engineer salary not only depends on the person’s experience and talents, it also depends on the company that is hiring the software engineer.
Like any other industry, if the software engineer does not make it into the top five software companies, they may have to settle for lower rung and even lesser known software development companies, for salaries that can at the most be considered to be a stipend till the person gets the relevant experience to take that huge jump he or she has been looking for.
Yes, software development and the entire profession of software engineers and software engineer salary is not a very rosy picture when we go to look at it very minutely. However, one cannot deny that the profession of a software engineer is one of the most lucrative professions and has the highest scope as compared to any other profession and market today.

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Jul 21 2008

Career Profile: Software Engineer Programmer

Some software engineers, referred to as programmers, focus specifically on the programming aspect of product design.  It is the programmer’s job to write instructions that tell a computer how to execute software.  While programmers can begin with a degree in software engineering, it is often preferable to earn a bachelor’s degree specifically in computer program or computer science.  As software becomes more advanced, employers are increasingly seeking programmers with a master’s degree.  Consequently, a greater number of graduate institutions are now offering courses for these professionals.

Software engineer programmers must essentially be multi-lingual.  They are expected to write code in a variety of computer-based languages including java, C++, visual basic, and html.  To develop as a professional, it is recommended that programmers receive official certification in at least three coding scripts.  Ultimately, the successful programmer must retain a large amount of information and knowledge and be able to switch between various operating systems, languages, and frameworks throughout their career.

In addition to their mastery of computer linguistics, programmers must have a keen eye for detail.  A single mistyped letter can disrupt an entire project.  Focus is also required to work on a single project over an extended period of time.  An individual programmer may spend months working on a single component of a software product. One benefit of this specialization is that many companies now allow programmers to telecommute.  They can work on their portion of a program at home, and coordinate through the web or scheduled in-person meetings.

Programmers are a unique position in the production line.  They essentially create the framework of the software, which is then implemented by a software developer.  Programmers rarely get involved in technical support, user surveys, and marketing campaigns.  This is beyond the scope of their duties.  However, smaller companies may ask programmers to step into a greater managerial role.  Programmers can move up the software engineering food chain by expanding their specialties and gaining leadership experience.  They may choose to switch gears and become developers, or can seek a high-paying lead-programmer position.

A skilled programmer should have little difficulty finding a position in the current job market.  With the computer technology field on the rise, more and more programmers are being hired to develop a vast array of software products.  In fact, some computer job sites cater specifically to programmers.  Anyone interested in becoming a programmer can easily register for an online degree program or get more information from a local institution.

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Jul 21 2008

Software Engineer Job: How to Get One

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When it comes to choosing a profession, people today have a lot more options that they would have, say, a twenty years ago. Out of these, the most important and fast moving profession is a software engineer job. A software engineer job is also one of the highest paid jobs in the world today. There are several ways in which you can become a software engineer. There are many colleges, educational institutions, and universities that offer all kinds of software engineer programs. Some colleges provide diplomas, while some others provide a degree course in software engineering. It is entirely up to you as to which type of course you would wish to do. With the advent of globalization, whether you have a degree or diploma should not make much of a difference. Some diplomas are highly recognized in some countries while the same diplomas are not recognized in other countries.
Some companies do have a preference for degree holders in software engineering as compared to the diploma holders of the software engineering. A degree course would have you complete the entire course in a college, along with the theory as well as the practical study. A diploma course would have you study the theory without attending college and only attending the practicals and giving the examination for your course.
There are several ways in which you can find a software engineer job. One of the best ways is to approach your friends in the same profession about any vacancies in their companies. This is a more preferred type of job hiring, because you can get the complete picture from your friend about the company before you even step into the office premises. Therefore, you will be able to get a better idea as to how the company operates. These are just some of the advantages of having your friend recommend you to a company to work.
In addition, the classified are full of jobs almost every other day. If you still do not find the job that satisfies your wants, you can always search on the Internet. Most internet portals have complete job sites dedicated to your job search and your profession. These job portals have the job applications posted by all the major companies all over the world. All these job portals are free to use and all you need to join these websites is an email id. You can then fill up your entire profile and search and select the software engineer job that you have been looking out for. On these portals, jobs offering all levels of salaries are advertised.
The salaries in a software industry job basically depend on the company that the software engineer is working with. If you are not working with any of the top rung software companies, your salary may be quite less than the various hyped ones that we have been listening to. However, the talented and the good software engineers quickly rise in their ranks and their growth may be more than even all of their colleagues.

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Jul 21 2008

Career Profile: Software Developer Engineer

Within the field of software engineering, software developers are some of the most sought after professionals.  Developers must be capable of working at every stage in the software creation process rather than in one specialized area.  They are responsible for conducting user surveys, developing an overall plan, overseeing programmers, testing final products, and much more.

Software developers may be referred to as the architects of software design.  They see the bigger pictures of the final product and help determine how each component will interact with the whole.  Usually, the actual writing of software code is left to programmers.  However, some developers working with smaller companies or as freelance consultants may take a more active role in this process.  Finally, developers are also the evaluators for a software design.  They analyze data and statistics to determine if a finished product has met project specifications.

As true leaders in their field, developers become directly involved the business end of the software industry.  They may contribute to marketing, technical support, and usability studies.  Subsequently, developers need a firm grasp of basic business principles.  This includes an understanding of cost-benefit, marketing, and consumer relations.  To obtain this knowledge, developers may attend professional development courses or earn a master’s degree in management.  Additionally, developers meet directly with clients to determine user needs and clarify project guidelines.  Thus, they require a higher social aptitude than other engineers who may not work with clients and users.

Developers a frequently hired by one of two types of employers.  One option is to work for a large software company, which will hire developers at all levels and offer them opportunities to grow into leadership positions.  An alternative for the experienced developer is to work for a private company seeking custom software products to suit their business needs.  This latter option usually means the developer will have a greater involvement in programming and less impact on business management.

Software engineers in the development field typically receive higher starting salaries than engineers with other specializations.  In the United States, the median salary for a developer is roughly $75,000.  However, this can vary widely based upon experience and specific responsibilities.  For example, a developer with a graduate degree earns an average of $10,000 more than their peers who receive only an undergraduate certificate.  Ultimately, it is easy to see why becoming an upper-level developer is a career goal for ambitious software engineers.

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Jul 21 2008

Senior Software Engineer: How to Become One

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With the boom in the Internet and the software market, software engineers are once again a very preferred breed of individuals. Every year, millions of individuals pass out as software engineer fresher, looking for the dream job that they were always look for. Once they get the relevant experience and have honed their talents, they can aim for the post of a senior software engineer in either their company or other companies.

The level of attritions in a software company is maybe much more than attrition rates in any other market and industry, and so is the salary. The salary of an experienced and talented software engineer will be much more than people who have spent the same time and have the same experience in some other profession.

Being a senior software engineer requires quite some other skills than only programming. For example, as a senior software engineer you might be given a team to handle. How the team grasps the work and becomes productive is your responsibility now.

Basically, software engineers with five to eight years of experience can easily apply for the post of a senior software engineer in any company. The selection will then depend on many other aspects and procedures. A senior software engineer also has a higher salary than the other software engineers. When it comes to senior software engineers, it is a myth that they are like team leaders and do not have to do any work but just ensure that their team does the work. Since they have novices under them, the work of a senior software engineer only increases once they get a team.

Not all software engineers can become senior software engineer. To become a senior software engineer, you should have certain other qualifications than the qualifications seen in a normal software engineer. For one, you should know how to handle a team, how to make the more productive than they already are, and keep them satisfied and content with their work and work results.

There are several classified ads in newspapers that advertise for the post of senior software engineers. With the advent of the Internet, you can search for a job right here, without wasting your time glimpsing through papers. Almost every major websites has their own job portal. All you have to do is to make your profile on the job portal and wait to be contacted by people who wish to have you work with them.

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Jul 21 2008

Java Software Engineer: How Good is Java?

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Java is considered by many to be a revolutionary language in the software industry. It has been said to be the language that got the computers to the cell phones and other smaller machines, which compute. Java was originally developed by Sun Microsystems. It was released in 1995. Java served as the core component of the Java Platform. Java is seen to be an enhancement of the C and C++ language, because most of the syntax of the language is derived from C and C++.

Java also took the Internet world by storm, due to the ability to be embedded into other applications. Today, with the internet boom, java programmers are once again one of the most head hunted employees. Most companies require a Java certification before going ahead with the hiring process. Also, being a certified Java professional does keep you head and shoulders above non-certified programmers. In addition, Java professional should have worked in a framework. Other important aspects of Java are the Xml and the Hibernate. These will come quite handy when you have to differentiate yourself from the other Java professionals around. You should also know Tomcat, Jboss, and Database Persistence.

With the Internet boom and with Java being used frequently in web pages, the demand for Java programmers is at a never before high. There are several courses, which are offered for people who wish to be java developers. Many universities, colleges, and educational institutes offer courses that make you a Java professional. They offer degree as well as diploma courses. It is entirely up to you as to which type of certificate you would require.

There are several ways in which you can get a java software engineer job. The internet is the best place t search for anything and that goes for java software engineer jobs too. There are several web portals that have entire sites dedicated to job searches. You can simply sign up to any of these websites and prepare your profile and then gear up to be headhunted. Of course, how much you earn depends on several aspects after that.

However, before taking up any course, you should first understand what you are actually interested in and not do something just because the whole world is doing it or your best friend is. There are various aptitude tests that will tell you what you wish to be exactly and which line of profession you would like to pursue in actuality.

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Jul 21 2008

Embedded Software Engineer: One Part of Many

Software engineers are one of the world’s most sought after professionals today. The very market of software engineering has grown in such leaps and bounds that it has very quickly toppled even an MBA degree from the post f being the most formidable degree in the world. There are several ways for being a software engineer. Many universities and educational institutions offer degrees and diplomas for being a software engineer. However, software engineering is divided into various fields and you have to decide which field best suits you, so that you can progress well and quick in your job and professional life.
Embedded Software is one type of software engineering. Strictly speaking, the principle of embedded software is not information technology. Embedded software is related to the interaction of the software with the physical world, like how the car opens when you press the car lock button, or when any and most of your electronic appliances work, or even when your digital watch changes its hour. Therefore, embedded software is just another type of software that makes our daily life that much the simpler and therefore enhances our quality of living. Embedded software is usually quite sophisticated when it is written in applications that are used by missiles, airplanes and other important process control systems.
Embedded software engineers are much sought after in the software industry. Needless to say, embedded software is quite a different niche of the software industry, and this would make embedded software engineers to be one of the highest paid software engineers on a global level. In addition, embedded software is much more important than the normal software. For example, a computer crash in a busy office would not be as dangerous and risky as the software that lands a plane malfunction. Therefore, being a embedded software engineer would require much more concentration than other types of software engineers.
There are several courses offered by the educational institutions and colleges for embedded software systems and embedded software engineers. Once you have decided to be a embedded software engineer, you should carry out the proper research and know specific details about such educational institutions and colleges that offer embedded software courses. The Internet is the best place to find and search information about just about anything. You can browse through the internet and search the relevant details and information about embedded software courses. Make sure that you go through their brochures and other literature before you opt for their course.

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